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Why is there different brightness in different areas of the monitor?

June 5, 2024

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There are a few common reasons why there may be uneven brightness across different areas of a monitor:


  1. Backlight Issues: The backlight in a monitor can sometimes be uneven, leading to some areas appearing brighter or dimmer than others. This can be caused by manufacturing defects or issues with the backlight components.


  3. Viewing Angle: Monitors often exhibit a slight reduction in brightness towards the edges and corners when viewed straight-on. This is due to the way the LCD panel and backlight are designed.


  5. Panel Imperfections: Minor imperfections or unevenness in the LCD panel itself can also lead to brightness variations across the screen.


  7. Backlight Bleeding: In some cases, the backlight may "bleed" through the edges of the LCD panel, creating brighter areas around the perimeter of the screen.


If the brightness variation is significant and noticeable, it's worth checking the monitor for any physical damage or defects, and considering whether a replacement or professional repair may be necessary. Minor variations are often within the normal operating parameters of the display.

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